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KX before his 1st salon experienceKX before haircut

KX with his 'professional' haircutKX after haircut

Kieran went and got his first haircut from a ‘professional’ at The Yellow Balloon. I must say, it was a quite the experience for Kieran, but the lady that cut his hair did a good job. He sat in D’s lap and I hid myself in the lobby. From there, I cold steal glimpes of him as tears ran down his face. Better yet, I could hear his crying over the noise of children and hair dryers and video game machines. What fun!


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Dannie’s new tattoo

Dannie's new tattoo

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D just got these, yesterday. Big Joe Reno at Shogun Studios inked them. He, also, did a tribal for her on her lower back a few years ago.

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Alan’s Foot 2


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Sometimes, when I see a photo, I want to add a little to it. Luckily, I know the photogapher and he let me do some photoshoping.

Here is the orignal picture.Alan's foot


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Hello world!

Life on the Interweb is moving so darn fast. I walk away for a while, and then it all of a sudden becomes 2pointOh. Well, here is my latest attempt to integrate myself with things I should probably stay away from.

In the past few months, I have created a Protopage, a 30boxes calendar, a flickr account, a Pandora radio station, a myspace space, and now, this WordPress blog. Oh, and I have even become a Stumbler.

Well, we shall see how dedicated I become to blogging. Hopefully, I will find something of interest to blog about. But then again, I might just turn into one of those random people on the internet with nothing of substance to add to the world.


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