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Soccer, Beer and Dogs

Soccer, Beer and Dogs

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Went to the Chivas vs Galaxy game last night. By far, it was the most fun at a Galaxy game that I’ve experienced. The ‘visiting’ Galaxy fans cheered and yelled and sang and danced the entire game. Sitting was not an option.


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Today, for lunch, we went down to Hollywood’s latest offerings, Famima!! Think 7-11, but nicer. If you see a Famima!!, stop in for a spicy tuna hand roll or sticky bun stuffed with sweet pork.

Famima Grand Opening


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Back from the Dead

Ok, so I took a month off from posting. Between working and parenting, the last thing I want to think about is writing down my thoughts… but then again, its the whole reason why I started. shesh. I just can’t seem to get it together. Any way, thi June has flown by– KX turned 2, work has been insane, and I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a week in PA. Also, every team I’ve cheered for in the World Cup has lost. Every one. (This doesn’t bode well for the upcoming College football season.)

Enough rambling for now.

Me.  Today.  Now.

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