Back from the Dead

Ok, so I took a month off from posting. Between working and parenting, the last thing I want to think about is writing down my thoughts… but then again, its the whole reason why I started. shesh. I just can’t seem to get it together. Any way, thi June has flown by– KX turned 2, work has been insane, and I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a week in PA. Also, every team I’ve cheered for in the World Cup has lost. Every one. (This doesn’t bode well for the upcoming College football season.)

Enough rambling for now.

Me.  Today.  Now.


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One response to “Back from the Dead

  1. Did the same damn thing with World Cup, Argentina, USA, whoever I liked and hoped for, fell. And, sure nuff, this CFB season is gonna be a fricken rollercoaster!!! AGAIN!!!!!! WTF????? Ah, the 90’s and FSU dominance, where fore art thou?

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