Today, for lunch, we went down to Hollywood’s latest offerings, Famima!! Think 7-11, but nicer. If you see a Famima!!, stop in for a spicy tuna hand roll or sticky bun stuffed with sweet pork.

Famima Grand Opening



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8 responses to “Famima!!

  1. I’ve been two the Hollywood one two more times since then, and I also went to one in Pasadena. I’m ADDICTED to Famima! Try their panini’s… damn gooood.

  2. Awesome. I’m going to look for the one in Westwood this week.

  3. Kia

    Family Mart is a better name for this. I love Japan.

  4. Trevor

    The westwood famima is at the corner of Westwood blvd and Ohio. The only trouble is parking, but they have two spots in the back.

  5. Trevor- Thanks for the heads up with the parking. Found it, but didn’t have too much trouble parking on the street. I guess not too much was happening Saturday, at 11AM.

  6. Katie Simmons

    I went to check it out and it’s nice to finally have a Famima near to where I live. Now Hollywood Plaza has a little bit of everything. Go Famima!!

  7. Got nuthin’ here. Nuthin’. Darned FL.

  8. Cutter- You can look into opening a few stores in the Tampa/ St. Pete area. Famima!! just started here in the US, so get on it!

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