Looking back on my Birthday.

Santa Monica SunsetThis is how the Sun looked at sunset on my birthday. I took this from the park on Ocean, just north of Wilshire. This was a few hours before Danielle took me out for a grand night on the town. Notice how calm and serene is the scene? But as night fell and the boy was under the watchful eye of his sitter (Adrienne, who by the way, filled in for the very sick Joy. Thanks Adrienne!), it did get mighty rowdy. The first stop was at Sasaya, the restaurant that took over the space of the well-beloved Tenjin Sushi. There, Danielle and I enjoyed a few tasty dishes and sake. The most notable of the food was a shitake mushroom dish and the Spicy Tuna Carpaccio Spicy Tuna Carpaccio from Sasay. The sake was also really good. I forgot the name, but the description in the menus said that it had a slight grape flavor. Well, I couldn’t taste the grape, but it was darn good. Then next stop was the Liquid Kitty. Always good, especially after a few drinks. Then a quick stop at Taco Bell. And finally, home. It was a great evening out with my honey on my birthday.

I need to have birthdays more often. Not Really.


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  1. D

    You didn’t mention how the CAB DRIVER took us thru Taco Bell. Hee hee! I really hope you had a good time. I wish I could’ve done more, but as you know, i am poor. ;( I love you.

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