Halloween Goodness

zissouid.pngHalloween has come and gone. This year, at the suggestion of my wonderful fiancé, I went as an Intern with Team Zissou. The costume is really easy to put together, requiring nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Light blue shirt and pants, a red cap, white shoes, and blue electrical tape. Easy. Now, walking around as Team Zissou was a little difficult. While at work, I must have had to explain what I was to nearly 90% of my co-workers. Come on! We work in Holywood and Hollywoody type stuff, namely movies. Luckily the badge I made helped make the explaining go a little eSheilaasier.
I was not the only one to dress up at work. In years gone by, I was the lone, or nearly lone, supporter of Halloween. This year, we had a total of 8 out of 30 kids dress up. Not too shabby for our group. Interactive seemed to have a 90% turnout. Oh well, so it goes. Maybe next year, we’ll get more folks to be more ‘sprited’.


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