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Holiday Love

Big Images, a large format print house in San Luis Obispo, gave out iPod shuffles to their employess. The iPods even came in origami boxes made of 2 $100 bills.
Now thats some love! Its so great to see that companies still believe in the Christmas bonus. Some have given up on the bonus and gone the way of the Holiday party. And then there are some that have both the party and the bonus.
I, personally, prefer the bonus over the pary. My company had a party. Don’t think I didn’t have a good time. I had a really good time with my fiance and co-workers and co-workers’ guests. The party was at the Geisha House in Hollywood. Great food, free drinks, a pretty good dj, and Gutiar Hero 2! There were even people smoking the wacky tobacky in the uptairs bar, but I think that was squashed before it got crazy. To top it off, Trailer Park even provided round trip taxi vouchers so those that had too much to drink or hate driving into Hollywood could have a safe ride to and from the party.
But in terms of bonus vs. party, I would prefer the bonus. Extra cash is something that I can always use. Its something that helps. Its something that I can share with my family and friends.
I am grateful to Trailer Park for throwing such a fabulous bash, but it would be extra cool if they could give the employees the options to go to the party or take home a check instead.
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BIG Images 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle Christmas Presents

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Christmas Time

It’s that time of year! Time to head down to the nearest Home Depot and grab us a XMas Tree! I’ve never gone to the woods or a tree farm get a tree, but I’m sure its nothing like the Home Depot experience. First off, on one side of the parking lot, a section is fenced just for Christmas Trees and Christmas Tree Accessories. There are literally hundreds to choose from, all partioned by size and types. In the past, we would have to swim through crowds just to look at a tree, grab trees that people haven’t destroyed, and wait in line forever to pay. This year was just the opposite. We were in and out of the Home Depot parking lot within an hour. They even cut and tie the tree to the roof for you. Easy street.
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