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Time for Clothes

I think its time to revamp my wardrobe. Looking at pictures of me over the past 2 years, I’ve noticed that my clothes are very much the same.  Sure, I’ve added a few t-shirts, maybe a collared shirt, but nothing really new. Or dare I say- fashion forward.  I really shouldn’t be thinking about clothes right now.  They cost money, and money is in short supply.  Maybe the clothes gods will bless me with some cool threads to get me through summer.


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Rethinking my life on the Nets

Although I might have posted in a long while, thinking about blogging is always on the back of my mind. (well, so are lot of ther things)  twitter and facebook have been great for small thoughts, but not a place for longer, drawn out conversations that go on in my head. Once again, I am going to restart this blogging, with hopes to keep with it.


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