Hope for the Future

For the past 7 weeks, our one and only (and indispensable) I/O slash Editor was out for Jury Duty.  Since our company pays for only 1 day of jury duty and to avoid using precious vacation time, he made arrangements to fulfill his work responsibilities after hours.  Yes, that is correct. AFTER spending a full day in court, he would come to the office and work.  Because he and the other jurors were told it would most likely be a 3 week trial, the idea to work after hours seemed to be a viable plan.  But when 3 weeks became 4, then 5, the stress began to show on our genuinely happy friend.

To make up for him being away from the office during normal hours, myself and another were asked to pick up the slack.  Granted, its not extremely difficult, but the load is tremendous.  Every day, the work orders would pile up.  When we could, and if a producer was really crying for footage (and in some cases- audio), we would get what needed done.  (More often, it was my other co-worker that had really busted ass.)  And each morning, when I would get to the office, there were fresh files on the server for me.  Thus, my work flow kept flowing, with only slight hiccups.

So, this went on for weeks.  Not knowing how long this was going to continue, we just kept plugging away.  Then finally, it happened.  Jury duty had come to an end.  And you know what?  This young lad brings each of us a 6-pack of Newcastle as a ‘thank you’ for helping him out. I was totally amazed.  He’s the one who has had to endure jury duty (as an alternate), work extra late hours and field calls from panicked producers during his lunch hour.  And here he was, giving me thanks.



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