No Costume Me.

Seeing all the great costumes at work has made me rethink my decision to not get into costume. This may be the first Halloween (in recent years) that I have not dressed for the occasion.  Is this a new trend? I am becoming that kind of Old? I have always put something on, especially for the work place.  And most times, I was one of the few that got into the holiday spirit.  (haha, get it?)  But, this year, I decided against it.  Made the decision a full month and a half before Halloween.

Then, without warning, my company decides to give out cash prizes. $125 to the top winners in 6 categories.  And, $50 each to the 3 winners of the pumpkin carving contest.  And, $75 each for the top 3 winners of best ‘Office/Space’ decorations.  With all the money being thrown around, I was tempted to figure out a costume.  The temptation was strong, but not strong enough.  I thought to myself- “I wonder how many people would dress up because of the prize money?”  And that made me angry.  Really, not a good reason to get angry, but it did make me feel that way.  Then the feeling of superiority crept up. If I made the effort over the years to bring Halloween into the office, why were my efforts never recognized?  Would my dressing up this year mean that I was only trying to win the cash?  So I held fast to my decision and dressed for work, jeans and a t-Shirt.

Now I wish I wasn’t so self righteous.

I still have a few days to put something together.
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